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    ■ Optimized ,Work Environment: We pr@ovide opportunit!y for unlimited p^romotions and a? platform for students a!nd staffs to dis!play their own unique_ talent, allow_ing them a chance to flo_urish unrestricted. H%owever, we abide by_ the principl.e that state}s “take advantage of! the individuals that e?xhibit excellenc$e, replace t&hose who are :only average, and relie.ve the rest.”?


    People oriented


    “The team can be limitl}ess in power compared to& the individua#l.” Each team }has created the sple&ndidness of #today and will continue _to deliver a prospe#rous tomorrow.) Jinnian inco!rporates talents w$ith an open and i!nclusive cult>ure, to let all talents: with insights and a(mbition creat v)alues, fulfill the,mselves and contrib?ute their values$. All talent?s will work with} joy in the joint @creation, buildin?g and sharing proces:s and enjoy happy liv^es.


    ■ Talent Recruitment S}trategy: We wi,ll implement the “13$5 Talent Search.” The g@oal is to find 100! degreed prof#essionals, 300 vocationa(l individuals, and@ a total of 500 excelle#nt individual?s to join ou?r team.


    ■ Optimized Strat#egy for Recruiting: We p)lan to recruit over :200 graduates fro$m such schools as Fuda$n University, Zhejia)ng University, and ot_hers. We will fol!low the guiding% principles th)at students must! first and foremost }demonstrate good mor?als and abil?ities in their& respective @fields, as well, as being suscep,tible to internal! training.


    ■ Optimized Tr@aining System_: We believe that studyi>ng is just a startin_g point for staff prog@ress while in-depth trai#ning is the f%oundation of an $enterprise’s d,evelopment. !Therefore, we are pr:epared to send select .management staff to Pek%ing University, >Tsinghua Unive:rsity, and Fudan ?University for ?advanced study a?nd training for EMBA an$d MBA. The estimated t_raining expense #for each year is^ estimated to be o?ver 6 million RM)B.



    ■ Strategy for Retaining, Talent: In ord^er to retain the in?dividuals who pr!ovide value to the comp?any, we strive to solve, any issues that m^ay arise among :our staff quickly# and effectively. !We reward outstan$ding cadres and sta)ff with vehicles suc%h as Mercedes-Benz? and BMW. We recog:nize those who@ exhibit outsta(nding characteristics,, as well as ?those who ar)e determined #to be a “good &wife, mother, good husb_and, father” as well ?as children who exhibi.t all the characte.ristics that Jinnian val!ue in an individu)al (known as “Jinnian C)hildren”). By doin!g this every year, ,the enterpris!e culture is deepened in%to every fami!ly.




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