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    from around the world! have ideals and as(pirations of the ^people of insight, can? ...


    PE fund: regional fi$nancial investment indu_strial leader


        &nb}sp; Kam Yuen equity @investment fund based! industry, and (professional value-!added services for the: characteristi(cs of the "multi?-skill" busin@ess model, f>ocused on advanced manuf}acturing, environment$al protection, m$edicine and health, %and other areas of^ the Interne$t investment o$pportunities. Management. team, mostly indus>try veteran, has a $wealth of busine@ss management experience$ and profici$ency in techn_ology, marketing, finan}ce, legal, m!anagement consulting_, investment )banking and other }professional:. In recent years, !Kam Yuen fund succes?sfully invested $in dozens of companies!, of which 10 ?have been listed o!n the open market^ in the

    territory, and a number ^of portfolio companies^ to refinance?, is in the IPO (stage declaration o:r otherwise withd>raw gradually build up& financial invest%ment in the field ?of Jinyuan bran(d. Kam Yuen Capital c:onfident can cre:ate outstandi,ng performanc&e returns for investors _at the same time, c@an grow together with &the investment companie?s to achieve the dual r,ewards of economic an)d social value.

    involved in the establis!hment of regional produc$tion and finance aircra%ft carrier "Zhejia$ng China shares"

          Ka.m Yuen equity investment} fund based indus)try, and professional v)alue-added services for &the characterist@ics of the "mu!lti-skill" b$usiness model, foc^used on advanced m>anufacturing, environm)ental protec#tion, medicine and heal%th, and other ar$eas of the Internet i!nvestment opportunit)ies. Management team,} mostly industr?y veteran, has a wealth ?of business manage!ment experience an#d proficiency in tech#nology, marketing., finance, legal, manag&ement consulting, inv$estment bank_ing and other profession#al.



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