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    Jinnian magnesium ind_ustry

    Weihai Wanfen^g magnesium indus,try technology d$evelopment co., LTD

    Weihai Jinnian magnesium} Industry scie!nce and techno&logy development co., L_TD., zhejiang wanf.eng holding subsi,diary of Mr Wei steam !turbine co., LTD.,? located in weihai hi-t%ech development@ zone, is speci:alized in the r&d and >production of@ light alloy and it(s high-end motorcycl&e parts, for r)esearch and development% center at the pro?vincial leve!l, provincial laborat_ory units, drafti,ng three national standa?rds, is a mag?nesium alloy cutting ed&ge enterprise.

    Company has to un#dertake the national ,11th five-year plan,( 12th, 863 mg all$oy high-tech projec>ts, the national to}rch plan and so on ma#ny national key proj}ect research and devel}opment and implem,entation, and: jilin university, #shenyang univer}sity of techn,ology, Beijing nonfer#rous metal resear?ch institute, Harbin }industrial un!iversity and o?ther research institu.tions established good c#ooperative relations. At$ present, the company !is actively expl?oring the ma(gnesium alloy >materials in aer@ospace, military #products research a!nd development of energy@ saving and lightwe}ight modification !direction an!d application promoti_on.


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