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    Zhejiang Jinnian Prop,erty Company Limited


        &nb?sp; Jinnian (Real Estate b#elieve that the “$clients always& come first.” W)hile the Jinnian( Square and the Cam,phor Mansion %project are res#ponsible for t?he construction of buil}dings, Jinnian $Real Estate provides the( supporting services( through marketing?, standardizing, an%d specializi)ng quality ser:vices. Through its real #estate services,& the company. helps display the tr@ue quality and the v^alue of each build#ing, establishing the @Jinnian Real Estate )brand as one its )clients can trust.

        &:nbsp; The c:ompany's services &include high-ri,se buildings, multi-s(tory residences, ^villas, office b.uildings, commu_nity and commercial bu,ildings, and governmen$t properties.

    Jinnian Real Es:tate believe t_hat the “clien$ts always com}e first.”

    The company's service#s include high-&rise buildings, m,ulti-story res#idences, vill_as, office buildin&gs, community a(nd commercia?l buildings, and? government pr!operties.

    While the Jinnian S!quare and the Camphor Ma_nsion project are resp$onsible for the construc!tion of buildings, Wa:nfeng Real Esta#te provides the supporti:ng services t%hrough marketing,^ standardizing, and s?pecializing quality #services. Throug^h its real e_state services, the. company helps displa$y the true quality ?and the value of ea(ch building, e&stablishing the .Jinnian Real Estate> brand as one its cl:ients can tru&st.


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